Friday, 12 May 2017

Phoodle @ Kingsford

Finally got to try out Phoodle at Kingsford.  It's been on my radar for some time and it did not disappoint!
Here we start with the salt and pepper tofu.  this was an instant win for me.  Hot crispy cubes of soft tofu with a spicy, salty topping.  Could have eaten this all to myself.
Banh Xeo is always on my radar.  I love the crispy crepe full of prawns, pork and beans sprouts wrapped in lettuce, herbs and a dip in a funky dipping sauce.  Phoodle's version is so tasty! 

The prawn rice paper rolls are fresh and filling.  the hoisin based sauce was very good and lots of peanuts you cannot go wrong.
Dinner here was a light affair before heading out for the night, but I will be back very soon with the Boy to try some more of those dishes and yes the salt and pepper tofu will be on the table again!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Yebisu Bar & Grill Haymarket

Over the past couple of years I have dined at Yebisu Izakaya in Regent Place (which you can read here and here) and have had great pleasure in eating there. 
Recently I was invited to dine at the newly opened Yebisu Bar & Grill on Dixon St in Haymarket. I was definitely keen to taste more of those yakitori from the open grill. On arrival you can take the stairs or the lift up to the first floor.  The walls have a very modern street vibe which reflects Japanese heritage, cultural and colour!
I love the wall art!

We have prime seating (aka the counter that runs along the front of the kitchen) giving us optimum kitchen views. Being able to watch the chefs grilling over the hot smoke grill, a sushi chef slicing super fresh fish and making up delectable looking plates of sashimi and sushi, the hustle and bustle of a working kitchen.
There is the sake cart which rolls around the restaurant with the traditional bells when you order.
Tonight we try the Aged Jozen mizuno gooshi – it is a mild sweet sake, easy drinking and lovely.

Ordering is simple via the ipad but that doesn’t actually make it any easier to order from a mouth watering selection. What to order!!???? 
I can’t resist the aroma of smoke and meat 
With beer there must be snackage so we order a bowl of the Lotus Root chips
These are seriously awesome drinking snacks. I still cannot figure out what spice is dusted on these lovelies. Does anyone know?
Chicken Skin (salt)
The chicken skin is half crispy and full of fatty flavour. The salt sprinkles on it make a good pop through the oiliness.
Pork & Kimuchi (salt)

This was a favourite. The pork is so tasty with a sprinkle of salt rolled around a mound of kimuchi, which is similar to the Korean kimchi but is milder in flavour. 
These freshly made balls were good. Good piece of octopus inside a ball topped with sauces, mayo and flakes of bonito flakes. First for the boy who appeared to like them.

and the dishes keep coming...... next up spicy karaage chicken

Pieces of spicy, juicy chicken fried to a delicious crunch is a winner!

Chicken skin with ponzu
This dish was crispier than the chicken skin skewer but after a few minutes swimming in the ponzu sauce became quite soggy. Definitely a dish to eat straight up!
Even though our bellies are full we muster up enough room for dessert.
Tempura Fried Icecream

I love a good deep fried ice cream so I was tempted by this dessert. This dessert was okay. The vanilla ice cream was creamy and the choc sauce was good, just that the tempura coating was not crispy or flavourful enough for my liking. Remember taste is subjective! 
I really enjoyed my dining experience.  I love nothing but watching a working kitchen (yeah Im a food geek) and the lovely dishes that came out of the kitchen.  

Thank you to Yebisu and Washoku Lovers for the kind invitation to dine at your new establishment. I would definitely recommend here for a night out in Chinatown. 

*Roofood dined as guests of Yebisu and Washoku Lovers

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Banksia Bistro @ Banksia

When news hit that the Banksia Hotel was welcoming a new bistro, my interest perked up. 

Colin Fassnidge has teamed up with Leigh McDivitt of 3 Weeds to bring us Banksia Bistro.  A gastro-style pub that us locals in the South have needed for some time and we are excited!

The Bistro is simple, green, leafy and bright!  The feels are about community, comfort, enjoyment and laid back dining.  There is a small play area for the little ones too.

The hotel also has also an area of high top tables in front of the bar area where you can dine and watch your sports as well.
The Bistro has been opened a week when we decide to check it out.  We head down early and within 20 minutes the bistro was packed. We were lucky to be seated in a booth that offered the perfect view of the kitchen and the dining area. 

Although the menu may seem limited at first glance it actually offers some interesting dishes for a pub.  With the likes of chicken liver parfait, crab on toast, ham hock and pigs ear schnitzels for entrees amongst the more regular pub grub comforts including chicken schnitzel, Irish stew, corned beef, and a burger you are in for a great meal.  The chefs' philosophy of nose-to-tail dining is definitely showing through on this menu!
 But tonight we focus on the mains. We cannot pass on the beer battered market fish with chips and the house made buttermilk chicken schnitzel with chips.

Although the kitchen is getting very busy as more people are arriving we were surprised how fast our meals arrive. 

We decided to share our dishes (you know for maximum tasting purposes).

The beer battered fish is crispy, light and the fish was juicy and meaty.  The house made tartare was awesome.

The chips are perfect to. They are chunky, hot, crispy, crunchy with fluffy middles.

Slicing through the huge buttermilk chicken schnitzel was as easy as slicing through butter. Super juicy and tender with a herby crunchy panko bread coating was delightful.  The coleslaw is crunchy, chunky and not swimming in dressing which is great!

My only negative was with the price of the beverages at the hotel (this is not the Bistro). There seems to be a big difference between beer and wine. Standard tap beer is normal bar prices but glasses of wine started at $9 (note that they do serve Artisan/boutique beer that cost more), which I thought was a little on the expensive side for the area. Just saying.....
That will not stop me returning for a meal.  I am looking forward to spending more time at the Banksia Bistro.   Next time the pigs ear schnitzel and crab on toast will be a must!

They have done a stellar job at updating an refurbishing a weary looking hotel and us locals are very happy to have Colin and Leigh in the area!!!


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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Miel Container @ Brisbane CBD

Continuing on our burger quest in Brisbane back in November we headed across the road from our hotel to Miel Container.  They came with a high recommendation from a few sources.
We grabbed a table overlooking the footpath and immediately knew we would order the Massive hand cut onion rings.  Look at that tower!
Crunchy, golden and thick onion rings coated with a lovely crumb and so addictive!
The Boy never passes up pork burgers and goes with the Miso Pork Belly - a mountain of marinated pork belly on a brioche bun with lettuce, spiced gherkin, red onion and aioli. 
This is very good.  The pork is sweet and tender and a huge mouthful is very much appreciated!
I have gone with something complete different and go for the Crunch Prawn burger - A big crumbed prawn patty, brioche bun, spiced gherkin, lettuce, tomato, grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese with tartar and cocktail sauce.
 This was tasty but I felt the prawn patty needed more seasoning or flavour.  The thick cut chips are yum with a sprinkling of herbs

Definitely a burger to try in Brisbane!
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Monday, 16 January 2017

Belfield on Botany @ Rosebery

Checking out Belfield on Botany at Rosebery has been on a list of burger wants for quite some time and I was a very happy person after visiting in October last year.
There are 10 burgers on offer along with sides and milkshakes.  Simply and easy.....
 The Boy opts for the mouth drooling B.W.A.  A double patty, double cheese, streaky bacon, onion rings and hot sauce burger that is dripping with excitement.  It's a winner.  He is a big fan!
The sides on offer include tater tots, sweet potato wedges, crinkle cut chips and deep fried mushrooms.
What do we go for?
A bucket of tater tots are the perfect accompaniment to a good juicy burger.
The deep fried mushrooms just took my dining experience to a whole other level.  These were amazing (and I really mean that).  I think these have just become my new favourite side dish! 
Plump, juicy mushrooms coated with an awesome crumb coating and deep fried to golden perfection.  Oh yum! 
I went with the Pork burger.  A unique concoction of a peanut butter pork patty, kimchi, green apple and mayo.  It was so gooooooood. 
We loved our burgers here.  we loved the mushrooms and the tater tots.  We loved it! We have been raving about those mushrooms for months and who doesn't love a good crispy, hot tater tot!
January 2017 rolls around.  It was our last day of our holidays, before heading back to work and we decided that we needed a burger and headed back for our second visit. We took up an offer for burgers, which are an awesome deal that include, a burger, side and a can of soft drink for $10.
The Boy opted for the classic Belfield burger consisting of a beef patty, cheese, rocket and Vegemite mayo.
Of course we couldn't pass up on a serve of tater tots and a serve of the deep fried mushrooms plus a side of crinkle cut chips!
Although the mushrooms were smaller (which got you more in the bucket *wink..wink*) they were still as tasty as ever.  The tater tots are exactly the same awesomeness and the crinkle cut fries are super crunchy and crispy. 
This time I went with the Mushroom burger which included a hash brown, rocket and aioli.  I was a little underwhelmed by this burger. 
Our burgers were 'okay'.  We weren't left drooling like last time.  We loved our mushrooms and tater tots and I love dining in at Belfields.  It was just the burgers didn't live up to the hype that we had on our first visit which left us wondering if it was an off day or things had changed (a few friends have commented lately too) - I hope not. 
Another visit is on the cards so we can decide.
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Monday, 12 December 2016

Miss Kay Burger Bar @ Brisbane

 A recent visit to Brisbane had me researching for burgers and our first night (after a day of sipping cider in extreme heat) we landed at Miss Kays Burger Bar. 
Burgers are a great eat to help sop up some alcohol.
I went with something different and got the Poutine burger.  A juicy, med rare beef patty with bacon bits, haloumi, fries, gravy, pickle, lettuce and mayo.
The burger was good, just not as saucy as I usually go for.  the halmoui offered the squeakiness of the cheese curds needed for poutine and gravy to bring it all together as something different.  Overall a good feed.
The boy went with the Mac Daddy.  Filled with a  beef patty, mac n' cheese, American cheese, lettuce, pickle, mayo and loaded fries.  He seemed to enjoy it and said it was okay.  (He'll hold on further judgement as his memory may have been a little skewed after a day in the sun!)
A serve of onion rings with Miss Kay's seasoning were good (although very oily).  I really liked these, the boy not so much (again holding judgement).

Definitely a burger bar I would happily visit again next trip!  The Ludakrisp burger looks next level!

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Rengaya @ North Sydney


Rengaya is not new to the restaurant scene having been in business for nearly 20 years. It’s reputation is clearly evident when all the tables are full by 6.30pm on a Monday night!

We are seated in one of the 3 main areas that are set in a ‘traditional’ style. There are 2 private dining areas that you can book if you want to have something more secluded.

 Shelves laden with old sake bottles make for great decor. 
In Japan BBQ is called Yakiniku and is a very social eating activity.  A grill/BBQ plate is placed in the centre of your table and you grill morsels of protein and vegies to your liking and dunk it into various sauces.  It's social and it go hand in hand with drinking. Beer, sake and cocktails are the norm. 

Chu Hai cocktails, rarely seen if at all in Sydney are a must! They are a refreshing mix of Chu Hai, fruit juice and soda served in a tall glass. Here it is served nama chūhai, meaning it is a DIY cocktail!

I have opted for orange and passionfruit one .After squeezing my own juice and mixing it myself and finding the right balance (ie all in!!).  It is light, fizzy and very refreshing!
I smile when our first dish arrives.   The premium wagyu beef sashimi is divine in it's simplicity. Six slices of well marbled raw wagyu is a beautiful site.  Atop crunchy shavings of daikon and served with fresh wasabi this is an awesome starter and the first time I have eaten raw wagyu. 
Check out that marbling!

To maximise the varieties of Wagyu we decide to try the Wagyu Amusement, comprising of a selection of (from left to right top row to bottom row) , Wagyu ribs, Wagyu loin, Wagyu oyster blade and Wagyu rib fingers and wagyu ox tongue.

and if you do not know your cuts of beef it comes with a handy list of which is what cut.
The loin and oyster blade are well marbled with a sprinkling of salt and pepper for a hint of flavour (not that this beef needs any assistance!)
ox Tongue (back pic) and rib fingers (front pic) look awesome. I cannot wait to try the ox tongue.
There is something fun and entertaining about BBQ’ing at your own table. Just do not forget about what you have on the grill and leave it to long.  You do not want to burn anything!
Placing pieces on that literally only take a minute or two to sear we wait......
Pork loin, slightly frozen and thinly cut are brought to the table along with milkfed lamb cutlets that look delicious.

We have ordered a bowl of Yukke bimiba, a Japanese dish similar to the Korean Bimibap served with raw Wagyu beef.


It is served in a piping hot stone bowl which you then stir all the ingredients together to make a lovely rice dish. 
The tender pieces of beef slightly cook through and the rice that has been on the base of the hot stone has gone crispy and crunchy.  This is comfort food and it is yummy!
We finish with a rich, hearty oxtail soup that is nourishing and warming.  A winner dish for next winter I reckon!
To finish off this fine meal a cold glass of sake is needed.  Otokoyama Junmai from Hokkaido is the choice tonight.  A huge sake bottle arrives table side and the cold crisp sake is poured into the small carafe with precision!
Visiting Rengaya was a delight.  I have never eaten Premium Wagyu beef before and I marvelled at the marbling of the meat.  If only I could could enjoy my steak as much as I enjoyed this meal!  Definitely recommend Rengaya.  I was surprised on how many people were there dining on a Monday night and clearly many regulars!
Thanks so much for the invitation!
*Roofood dined as a guest of Rengaya and Washoku Lovers

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